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 personal or professional branding presents the your true potential

Professional branding Photography and collections from E.L.Photography in Farmville, NC.

Show the world you are unique, with untapped potential , experience, imagination and character. Your next client, future employer, or professional association needs to see that person you want them to see.

your professional image branding collection from E. L. Photography in Farmville will bring those images to print, web, social media, personal biographies or business resumes. 


Photographer and Owner Erica Letchworth understands business and personal branding. Her professional experience with business owners, attorneys, physicians, accountants, consultants, health and fitness coaches and community leaders has earned her a reputation for quality, insight, imagination and excellence with her skills.

Branding is not taking a headshot just for the sake of having a nice photo to post on social media. Branding is part of your personal or professional marketing, positioning you above the crowd, leaving a memorable imprint in the mind and hearts of those who view you.








This concise package is perfect for business professionals who are short on time.

20 minutes Photo Session in studio

Presentation of images with within 24 hours.

Delivery of  two digital photo files of your choice to use in digital and print applications. 




This collection of images will be crafted to highlighting the unique nature of your brand. From corporate executives to social media influencers, personal branding photos will communicate your confidence and ability to provide the best service to your clients.

One Hour Photo Session in studio or on location.

Photo presentation of images to follow within 24 hours

Delivery of four digital photo files of your choice to use in digital and print applications. 




Half Day Rate $1200

Studio and location photography service is available to create images of your products that effectively communicate your company style with the quality your customers expect. 




Custom Quotes Available

Our Commercial Photography service will provide you with a comprehensive collection of crafted images that communicate your brand and showcase your products. 

Each corporate project requires careful planning and diligent execution. Please contact the studio for a complimentary consultation and quote based on your specific campaign needs. 





Our Services



Classic corporate headshots with an editorial feel, are what you can expect from E.L. Photography. We guide you through the process from wardrobe selection, planning for usage, expert posing, and curated presentation of finished images at your office the next day. 


Highlight your products with stylized images that speak to your brand and target your perfect client. Studio and on location service is available. 


Create a cohesive collection of photographs highlighting your team working together. 

Utility Photography

Photographs for security badges of your staff.


Extensive coverage that covers all of your photography needs for a specific project, publication, etc.

Day Rates available


Personal Branding collections enable you to seamlessly integrate all of your professional brand images throughout all of your business touch points. From website, to social platforms, and printed materials, we will create a consistent brand image that will communicate your business style.  

Personal branding collections start with an in depth look at your needs, corporate branding elements, brand colors and usage needs.  Together we will plan the looks that will best integrate your corporate message through images. 


Photographs showing the behind the scenes operations of your workforce. 

These are the best portraits I have ever seen of myself. One session has given me a comprehensive collection of photos to use in my marketing and promotion materials.
— Pamela Owens


Satisfied Customers





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